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324699_192650834138227_235509361_oDr. Jerri

Dr. Jerri Waddington was born and raised in Alaska. After moving to Washington for a short time, she settled in Nevada where she received her Bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Nevada at Reno. She then moved to California to work on her Masters degree in physiology with a reproduction emphasis (which is kind of funny since she spays and neuters everything) at the University of California at Davis. UC Davis is also where she received her Veterinary degree in 2003.

She and Sparkie have lived in Lake County since she graduated Vet school. She lives in Lower Lake and has 4 horses (2 quarter horses, Black Jack and Misty; 1 mustang, Elvis, and a percheron/paint cross, Juno), 4 dogs (2 bouvier des flandres, Johnnie and Jamie, 1 Labrador retriever, Raven, and the newest addition, a golden retriever, Jimmy and 6 cats, Rascal, Cloudy, Dusty, Sunny, Frosty and Musty.

She loves Lake County and enjoys riding her horses and playing with her dogs out in the fields and trails around the area.

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