Rescued Foals

Doc Jerri heard about several hundred horses that had been abandoned and sent to a feedlot in Nevada. The adults had been sent off to slaughter, so it was too late to save them but there were several dozen orphaned foals in need of immediate placement. A local area fellow horse trainer and enthusiast was scheduled to go pick up a half dozen foals so Doc had them add 2 on for her as well. The Animal Hospital has been helping with the treatment and medications for this sad, ill little lot of babies. They all came in very poor condition, and most had a pretty nasty case of strangles. After worming, mediacations, feed and love they have all made great strides toward health. Check in often to follow their improvements and training. Doc may be looking for their new homes come spring as well. She is however notorious for not wanting to let things go once she falls in love with them. Ha Ha Ha. If you have space to foster a baby over the winter there are many more available (orphan babies, mare and foal pairs, and pregnant mares) just visit the facebook page for "Stinkin' Rose Ranch".

This is one of the doctor's new family members. This is Whiskey. He is one of the rescue horses Doc Jerri has been working with.

Irish is the other new member of the family. Isn't she a sweet looking filly?

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